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Urban Worm Girl, L3C has been an industry leader in community-based vermicomposting since 2008. We have been introducing this innovative sustainability practice to the Chicago area through educational programming, as well as residential and commercial worm compost bin installations. Through our efforts, and the efforts of our clients, hundreds of tons of waste have been diverted from the commercial waste stream and converted into nutrient-rich soil with the help from a few hungry worms.



Get a little green for going green! The Chicago Sustainable Backyards program offered rebates to customers purchasing worm bins in 2013. Rebate forms must be received by January 31, 2014 to be eligible. We're hoping they continue to offer this incentive for purchases made in 2014. Check back for more information, and for links to their upcoming 2014 rebate form.


Check out our Store for a full line of vermicomposting products and soon you'll be saying "Worms Ate My Garbage...And Keep Eating!"